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Take advantage of the current situation to hone your scientific knowledge! 
For example, IFPEN offers you the opportunity to learn more about biofuels, find out about energy storage systems or browse through its decoding keys. Panorama. 

Biofuels: their advantages, their future 

What exactly are these alternative fuels? What are their usages and their benefits for the environment?  
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To find out more about energies and transport technologies 

Within the context of the rapid development of renewable energies, increasing storage capacities is one of the fundamental challenges of the energy transition.  
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To find out more about energies and transport technologies 

Electric vehicle, wind energy, geothermal energy, CO2 capture and storage, etc.  
In its “Decoding keys” section, IFPEN adopts an educational approach to the presentation of the different technologies within its scope of expertise and their environmental challenges, in the fields of transport, renewable energies, fossil energies, etc. 
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Understand a thesis in 3 minutes 

How to make “unbreakable” spaghetti: modeling polymer weakening.
> A PhD student at IFPEN provides a short, simple answer  

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Find out about our latest fundamental research activities 

How can life cycle analysis be improved to help achieve carbon neutrality? 
An IFPEN researcher shares the methodology implemented and the results obtained to answer this question. 
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To expand your scientific knowledge a little more, go to IFPEN's fundamental research news.