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From the beginning of October 2016 to the end of January 2017, Professor Sveva Corrado, manager of the ALBA laboratory (Academic Laboratory of Basin Analysis) at the University of Rome III, was a scientific visitor at IFPEN’s Geosciences Division, where she worked with Doctor William Sassi and several other researchers from the Georesources Department on various research projects underway.

One of the projects concerned the use of maturity indicators in integrated studies of sedimentary basins in complex zones, such as the one in western Sicily. 

Collaboration in this field involved the joint supervision, over the period 2015-2018, of PhD research relating to the architecture and history of the Scilato and Bussambra basins in western Sicily, for which the structural modeling using Kine3D software will be conducted at IFPEN. 

 This scientific visit at IFPEN: 

  • was also an opportunity to define the objectives and content of the sub-program SP1 “Evaluation of source rock potential in Europe” (1), for the joint Shale Gas program led by the EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) (2); 
  • led to the initiation of several scientific exchanges on the theme of “control parameters for the thermal evolution of sedimentary basins” and specification of complementary themes for future collaborative work. The definition of new indicators for the maximum paleotemperatures reached by geological formations is a major objective to support thermal models used in basin modeling software; 
  • made it possible to reaffirm and maintain the determination of the two establishments to continue with their scientific collaboration, particularly via PhD student and post-doctoral researcher exchanges. 


1- Led by Dr W. Sassi 
2- Alliance within which Prof. Sveva Corrado was a member of the steering committee for Italy, between 2013 and 2016