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IFPEN, via the IFPEN Transports Energie Carnot Institute, is proud to announce the creation of TecHKare, a company that offers solutions making it easier to transport heavy loads in hospitals. One such electric solution has been developed to help stretcher bearers move patients, addressing the challenges of mobility in the hospital environment. In particular, the solution makes it possible to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in hospital staff. TecHKare thus addresses the societal challenges concerning the improvement of working conditions, ageing well and professional equality among hospital personnel.




  • TecHKare was created by an employee via the spin-off policy, with support provided throughout the project. IFPEN thus contributes to the French Deeptech Plan launched in 2019 by Bpifrance to foster the emergence and growth of startups stemming from the research sector.

  • TecHKare has been nominated for the 23rd edition of the i-Lab innovation competition.


Origin of the TecHKare project

TecHKareThe TecHKare adventure began in 2018 during IFPEN’s first innovation challenge. The proposed solution – a removable powertrain to effortlessly transport any type of bed, stretcher or wheelchair and take the strain off hospital stretcher bearers, called “OwlOne” – was one of the winners. The technology was then developed within the IFPEN Transports Energie Carnot Institute. 2020 saw the pre-production of five prototypes following an analysis of market needs and costs. TecHKare is now taking this innovative solution to market.

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