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François de Rugy, Minister of State, Minister for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, Emmanuel Aubry, Prefect of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, Jean-Luc Fugit, Member of Parliament for the Rhône and Chairman of the French National Air Council, and Yves Blein, Member of Parliament for the Rhône, visited IFPEN Lyon on 1 March.

They were given a tour of the site in order to illustrate our research in the fields of electric and hybrid powertrains, connected mobility, electricity storage and energy management, the ORC range, biomass chemistry and biofuels, biogas purification and plastics recycling.

De gauche à droite : Jean-Luc Fugit, François de Rugy et Cécile Barrère-Tricca (Chef de l’établissement IFPEN Lyon)
Left to right: Jean-Luc Fugit, François de Rugy and Cécile Barrère-Tricca (IFPEN Lyon Site Director)

« IFP Energies nouvelles is in the process of organizing the energy transition towards new fuels, energy recovery, better energy efficiency of engines… Here we have concrete solutions », underlined François de Rugy.

 François de Rugy