02.12.2021 - 03.12.2021

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IFPEN organized SimRace 2021, the workshop dedicated to the numerical methods and High Performance Computing for industrial applications.

High-performance computing is at the heart of digital technology which allows to simulate complex physical phenomena. The demand for fast and accurate simulation drives the need for challenging computational ways.

The objectives of SimRace 2021 was to share and discuss, in a multidisciplinary vision, mathematical models, numerical methods and high-performance computing techniques for solving complex problems in fluid and solid mechanics.

Through this new edition which brought together more than 60 researchers, IFPEN brought together scientists and engineers and provided a melting pot of ideas and views between researchers, developers and end-users to meet this demand.

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Scientific correspondants
Ani Anciaux Sedrakian & Soleiman Yousef
Digital Science & Technology Division,