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Wave Energy Converter (WEC)
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News 27 August 2019

Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Control: a challenge for IFPEN's R&I team and a first reward

The IFPEN team for the "Wave Energy Converter Control" Project led by Paolino Tona won the trophy for the first phase of the WEC Control Competition (WECCCOMP), and the prize-giving took place at the 38th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering (OMAE Conference).

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IFPEN/Inria partnership: digital technology at the heart of innovation

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in solving industrial problems. IFPEN forged a partnership with Inria. Five years later, we look back over this fruitful partnership.
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Dr B Noetinger, editor-in-chief OGST, expert in transport modeling in disordered media
Benoît Noetinger graduated from the École Polytechnique in Paris, and holds a thesis at UPMC (now Sorbonne University) in liquid state physics, the work of which was carried out at the PMMH laboratory
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Mickaele Le Ravalec

Department Head
Mickaele Le Ravalec holds a Ph.D. degree in rock physics from the University of Rennes (1995) and a HDR from the Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg (2002). After a post-doctoral position in rock
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Antonio Sciarretta received a Doctorate degree in thermal machines with a dissertation on engine modeling and control in 1999, and since then he has always worked at the intersection of these fields
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Research Engineer
Loïc Sorbier is a research engineer in Physics graduated from ESPCI Paris. He obtained his PhD in materials science from université de Montpellier and possess accreditation to supervise research (HDR)
Issue 40 of Science@IFPEN
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Looping the chemistry for clean energy

Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) is an airless combustion technology using oxygen carrier materials (OCM), which circulate between an oxidation and a reduction reaction zone. Separation into two
Issue 40 of Science@IFPEN
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Process efficiency: a matter of integration!

In order to optimize the use of very expensive installations, the development of industrial processes needs to take into account integration between units, both for developments relating to mature
Issue 40 of Science@IFPEN
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Mix between kinetic and machine learning models

Having access to increasingly precise and robust extrapolation models to be able to predict certain propertiesa remains a major challenge for chemical processes industry. For widely used models, be
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Project leader "Data Driven Design", in charge of plug im!
Maxime Moreaud is project leader for the Scientific Division, in the Digital Science and Technology Division. He led the IFPEN's scientific challenges 4 concerning Massive Data Flows. Graduated from
Numéro 39 de Science@ifpen
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Lasers and algorithms to limit soot