Several awards and accolades were awarded to IFPEN researchers in 2022. A special mention should be made for the ERC Synergy grant awarded to Benoît Noetinger.

Martina Torelli Martina Torelli, doctoral student at IFPEN (2018-2021), won the 2022 IFPEN Thesis Award (Yves Chauvin Prize) for her thesis « Modelling Microbial Methane Processes in Marine Environments: from Source to Seep. Insights from Basin Analysis ». Each year, this award singles out a student pursuing doctoral studies at IFPEN for the excellence and novel nature of their research work.
Bassel Othman Bassel Othman, doctoral student at IFPEN (2018-2021) and a control engineer there since 2022, received the Sanef Abertis France Chair Award, in the Transport Infrastructure Management category, for his thesis « Variable speed limits and access control in an urban road network for better environmental sustainability ».
Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou was presented with the first-edition Codron-Fautz Award by the French Institute (Institut de France). Created in 2021, this annual award recognises a researcher who has carried out remarkable work in the field of science applied to technology, upon proposal of the Academy of Science (Académie des sciences)
Loïc Dumortier Loïc Dumortier, doctoral student at IFPEN since 2021, won the ParAMS ReaxFF parametrization challenge, organised by SCM (Software for chemistry and materials), to minimise errors in test data following optimisation of the parameters of a ReaxFF (reactive forcefield) on the back of a set of findings.
Alexandre Battiston Alexandre Battiston, an engineer in the Systems and Mobilities unit, received, at the 24th conference on power electronics and its applications (EPE 2022 ECCE Europe), an award for the development of high-power, high-voltage silicon carbide inverters.
Beatriz Pereira Barata Beatriz Pereira Barata, doctoral student at IFPEN since 2021, won, for her poster presented at the 33rd European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM33), The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) award in chemical crystallography, including advances in instrumental, experimental or computational techniques.
Thomas Pigeon Thomas Pigeon, IFPEN doctoral student since 2020, received a prize for the best poster at the 18th edition of ICTAC (International Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Catalysis). His thesis work focuses on the implementation of an innovative method for the sampling of rare chemical events occurring in heterogeneous catalysis..
Bertrand Guichard Bertrand Guichard, research engineer at IFPEN, received the Innovation 2022 prize from the catalysis division of the Société Chimique de France for his work which led to the development of high-performance catalysts in the field of refining as well as for his study of the catalyst behavior of innovative formulations for the production of fuels and biofuels by coprocessing.
Elsy El Hayek Elsy El Hayek, doctoral student at IFPEN (2017-2020), was awarded the 2022 Denise Barthomeuf Thesis Prize for her work on "New acid zeolites obtained from silicogermanates" during the annual meeting of the French Zeolite Group. Each year, this prize is awarded for thesis work involving zeolite-type porous materials.
Wassim Ammar Wassim Ammar, doctoral student at IFPEN (2019-2022), was awarded, during the 11th Conference of the Association Française de l’Adsorption (French Adsorption Association), the prize for best oral presentation for a speech about the separation of second-generation sugars using zeolites.
Julien Petit Julien Petit, doctoral student at IFPEN (2018-2021), received from the Co-ordination Chemistry division  division of the Société Chimique de France the 2021 Thesis Prize for his work on “Exploration of a new reactivity in ethylene oligomerization: towards new dicationic nickel complexes”.  
Julien Petit Vinith Kumar Lakshmanan, research engineer at IFPEN, was the recipient, during his PhD thesis at IFPEN (2019-2022), of the Young Author Award which was presented at the 2022 International Federation of Automatic Control ACC Conference.

Benoît NoetingerBenoît Noetinger is the winner, along with three other researchers, of a prestigious ERC synergy Grant grant for the KARST fundamental research project. This project combines expertise in hydrogeology, network theory, statistical flow physics and fluid transport in random environments to gain an understanding of the response of these extremely heterogeneous multi-scale systems to climate change. KARST aims to improve predictions of karst systems' responses to extreme weather events that can pose a significant hazard to the populations concerned. It then aims to shed more light on the way in which they are formed.
The combination of the approaches and skills of the 4 co-leaders makes the originality of this project, which won the jury over following a very selective call for entrants.