IFPEN seeks to foster exchange between its researchers and the scientific community, organizing several scientific events per year and encouraging its teams to actively take part in conferences.


Under the aegis of the French Academy of Sciences, IFPEN organizes its Rencontres scientifiques events on themes of interest for its R&I. These events enable all participants, from the worlds of academia or industry, to present their work and discuss the progress made, possible applications and the challenges to be addressed. A specific feature of these events is that they promote the decompartmentalization of disciplines around the chosen theme, providing a platform for exchange conducive to the sharing of problems and research avenues. 

One Rencontre scientifique event was held in 2019:

Microfluidics: conference on recent developments in the field of microfluidics, their research impact and their innovation potential in multiple fields.

For 2021, another one has already been planned:

LES4ECE: conference on Large Eddy Simulation for Energy Conversion in Electric and Combustion Engines.

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Scienc’Innov workshops

In 2018, IFPEN introduced a new event format, Scienc’Innov workshops. Free and mostly by invitation, these gatherings of experts focus on the scientific challenges associated with our fundamental research, as well as emerging themes deemed important for our R&I.

In 2022, two workshops took place: The Foresight for Sustainable Transitions Scienc’Innov workshop dedicated to the state-of-the-art of the different forecasting and scenarios modelling approaches and CARMEN·EVOLUTION Scienc’Innov workshop, which aimed to define the scientific and social challenges involved in the development of new materials for energy.


In parallel, IFPEN regularly hosts or co-organizes events led by outside scientific communities (learned societies, research groups, users' clubs, etc.) active in disciplines or research areas that are strategically important for our R&I.

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IFPEN researchers participate in major international conferences in their respective areas of expertise on a very regular basis, particularly as guest speakers, key speakers or chairpersons, and belong to organized scientific communities.


Xavier Longaygue

  • Networking and Scientific Outreach Manager