In a few words

Sébastien Rohais is geologist from the Albert-de-Lapparent Geological Institute (IGAL, UniLaSalle, MSc 2002), MSc from the National School for Petroleum and Engines (ENSPM, IFPSchool, 2003), doctor from the University of Rennes 1 (PhD, 2007) and have the Habilitation to Supervise Research from Sorbonne-University (HDR, 2022).

His thesis work focused on the quantification of sedimentary fluxes based on combining field, experimental and numerical approaches, and was rewarded with the Y. Chauvin – IFPEN thesis prize (2007) and the GDF-Suez prize from the French Sedimentologists Association (ASF, 2009). Its HDR was developed on sedimentary budgets and their integration into basin analysis along the Source-to-Sink continuum.

He joined IFPEN in 2007 as a researcher in sedimentology and stratigraphy. His original scientific contributions have resulted in 39 peer-reviewed publications, 3 patents, 115 conference presentations and the writing of 20 reports and technical notes referenced in the IFPEN database. This activity relied on the supervision of 31 Bachelor's level students, 17 Master's level students, 3 IFPSchool apprentices and co-supervision of 6 theses. Recognition of his research work also allowed him to be in the committee of 17 students (Bachelor and Masters) and 3 theses, to be called upon as reviewers for international scientific journals (12 papers), to supervise or co-supervise 14 field camps for students or professionals, to be chairman of 4 sessions in national and international congresses, and to be called upon for national project evaluation committees.

Research subjects
Climate and deformation impact on erosion-sedimentation balances
Reservoir geology and sedimentary heterogeneities
Basin analysis and Source-to-Sink integration
Plastic pollution: monitoring and solutions
  • Initiate and management of 10 R&I projects since 2007, including a JIP (Joint Industrial Project) supported by 13 industrials (TOTAL, ENI, Ecopetrol, Maersk Oil, BP, Galp Energia, Petrobras, REPSOL, ExxonMobil, CHEVRON, BHP, Cobalt Inc., YPF S.A.)
  • Project « Plastic fluxes to the environment » including collaborations with Cedre, CEREMA, INRAE, LEHNA, CEREGE and French and European universities.
  • ROHAIS S, Lovecchio JP, Abreu V, Miguez M, Paulin S, 2021 “High-resolution sedimentary budget quantification – example from the Cenozoic deposits in the Pelotas basin, South Atlantic”. Basin Res. 00:1-29.
  • Romero-Sarmiento M-F, Ravaleojaona H, Pillot D, ROHAIS S, 2022 “Polymer quantification using the Rock-Eval® device for identification of plastics in sediments” Science of The Total Environment. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.151068