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On 15 October 2019, IFPEN researcher Benoît Noetinger received the Rheims Foundation’s Adrien Constantin De Magny prize at the annual awards ceremony hosted by the Académie des Sciences (French Academy of Sciences) at the Institut de France.

The prize was in recognition of research conducted throughout his career, during which he has always sought to transpose concepts, adapting them to a variety of disciplinary fields. For example, using advanced mathematical methods based on statistical physics, Benoît Noetinger produced original research based on their application to viscous fluid flows in porous or fractured media. His work applied to conventional oils and gases has had a considerable impact in terms of scale change and the calibration of oil reservoir models used by industry. His most recent research relates to the use of pore-scale dynamic molecular and chemical reaction simulation tools combined with macroscopic hydrodynamic flow calculation, enabling the modeling of energy storage systems based on nanomaterials. He is also looking at the use of fractured reservoir modeling techniques to solve numerous generic problems at IFPEN.

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