08.06.2021 - 09.06.2021

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Bandeau Workshop Bassin

2nd meeting in the series of workshops dedicated to basin modeling
IFPEN - Rueil-Malmaison (near Paris), 8-9 June 2021

This series of workshops is aimed at bringing together leading experts representing the energy industry and research stakeholders in academia to engage in open discussions and exchange their experiences related to future applications of basin modeling for subsurface exploration.

This second edition will focus on recent R&D advances in the field of integrated basin analysis in the context of the energy transition and include identification of the modeling tools required to address specific aspects of this transition. Special attention will be paid to the implementation of efficient workflows and the associated benefits to tackle specific issues.

Content definition of Topics

Complex fluids modelling
Understanding primary and secondary controls on hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fluids (CO2, H2S, N2,…)

Gas modelling (generation and accumulation)
Achieving efficient and responsible exploration of gas, by improved numerical modelling of the hydrocarbon generation and accumulation

Stress and pore pressure prediction
Understanding and modelling of the complex interactions between structural history, mechanical

Stratigraphic forward modelling
New approaches and numerical tools, for better understanding of sedimentary basin filling architecture, plays, and source rocks

Uncertainty quantification and management integrating machine learning
New basin modelling workflows and cutting-edge technologies addressing uncertainty while preserving efficiency

Evolving applications for basin modelling (Geothermal exploration, Subsurface storage – CCS …)
Applying basin modeling using novel techniques to impact sustainable energy development and subsurface storage

Steering Committee

Sascha Doering, ENI 
Michael Erdmann, Equinor 
Carlos Fracalossi, Petrobras 
Daniel Herreira, BHP 
Javed Ismail, Saudi Aramco
Marek Kacewicz, Chevron 
Cedric Pellan, Repsol
Johannes Wendebourg, Total

IFPEN Organizing Committee

Marie-Christine Cacas-Stentz
Didier Granjeon
Nicolas Maurand
Fadi-Henri Nader

Contact: BMworkshop@ifpen.fr