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Geco air, the free eco-mobility app developed by IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), is evolving towards an entirely new user experience. 

Thanks to a new scoring system, a new color code and a more intuitive and informative interface, you can now see at a glance the impact of your journeys on the environment, irrespective of the mode of transport used.

Geco air, your eco-mobility barometer

A veritable mobility barometer, Geco air helps you adapt your day-to-day driving style, the aim being to cut your pollutant emissions (nitrogen oxides, fine particles, etc.) by up to 50%, and informs you about the positive impacts on air quality of the journeys you make using soft transport mode (bicycle, public transport). 

Become an influencer in the eco-mobility community 

The new version of the Geco air app allows anyone committed to improving air quality to raise awareness and motivate their friends and families by creating dedicated Challenges. Users can also unite and lead their own user community via the creation of groups.

To date, the Geco air app has been adopted by more than 360 companies and organizations, within the framework of inter-company eco-driving Challenges organized by IFPEN. It brings together a community of 20,000 permanent users, who have together notched up more than 35,000,000 km traveled in “eco-mobility” mode.

So don’t forget to update your Geco air app on your phone, or, if you have not yet downloaded it, don’t hesitate to give this new experience a go and become a responsible mobility player yourself.

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