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On March 17, Choosemycompany unveiled its HappyIndex®AtSchool ranking of engineering schools in France. Among 200 institutions and for its first participation, IFP School is placed sixth in the 2022 ranking!

This survey was conducted among more than 43,000 students from 860 higher education institutions. Unlike the usual rankings, the "HappyIndex®AtSchool" is based exclusively on feedback from students through a questionnaire that includes 20 questions on 5 major themes: study conditions, teaching and pedagogy, quality of student life, preparation for professional future and effectiveness of the network of partner companies.

"IFP School is proud of this recognition by its students and of this ranking for a first participation in the label. I would like to thank the students of the class of 2021 who responded to the questionnaire and recommended the School with 91.3%. The HappyIndex®AtSchool label also acts as a "barometer": it allows us to anchor the strengths of the School and gives us avenues to further improve the student experience at IFP School. With this in mind, we will be launching a new survey among the students of the class of 2022 next fall," emphasizes Christine Travers, Dean of IFP School.

With a score of 8.62 out of 10, IFP School is a great place to study and live!

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