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Éric HeintzéTwo of the main investigation fields being studied within the Applied Mechanics Division are understanding the physical phenomena governing industrial processes and accurately determining the lifespan of technological products in their environment. In these fields, the quality of our research—both academic and in terms of industrial transfer—is recognized worldwide.

IFPEN is thus one of the top five organizations in the world in terms of scientific publications in the research areas of dispersed-phase flow simulation or the mechanical behavior of polymer materials. Concerning the renewable marine energies, IFPEN is among the top three patent filers concerning aerodynamic efficiency and floating platforms suitable for offshore wind turbines. This issue illustrates six significant topics that can be addressed using the Division's expertise in fluid and solid mechanics, ranging from thoretical aspects to the design of complex technological equipment.

We hope that you will enjoy this issue.

Éric Heintzé, Head of the Applied Mechanics Division


 - Waxy crude oils: may the flow be with you!
 - Seabeds have composite fibre
 - Particle: Quo vadis?
 - Not so fanciful plastics
 - When wind turbines sail away!
 - Catalyst supports under pressure

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