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Special issue: Publications by Young Researchers

Didier HoussinResearch and training are the pillars of IFPEN activities. Hosting PhD students is therefore an integral part of its strategy, with substantial resources provided by the Scientific Division for "Training through research". The contribution of these young researchers _ still undergoing training _ is essential to drive knowledge forward and thus develop the innovations of the future, both through their thesis work and via the partnerships forged with the academic community.

In return, PhD students at IFPEN benefit from an ideal scientific and technological working environment, offering a continuum between fundamental research and innovation, so perfectly illustrated by Yves Chauvin, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, who passed away in January 2015.

Their work helps to overcome scientific challenges in the fields of energy, transport and climate, and contributes to the development of novel solutions. This latest edition of our scientific newsletter presents the work of our PhD and post-doctoral researchers,
illustrating the diversity and quality of their contributions to IFPEN's research.

Didier Houssin, CEO, IFPEN


- A kinetic model for complex systems: to what end?
- Trapping the bubble...
- Porous alumina: where is the weakest link?
- Supramolecular strategy: the key to selectivity!
- Chemoinformatics serving chemical EOR
- Measuring soot in engines: a “sizable” problem

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