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Philippe UngererSimulation and experimentation are two interconnected activities which are central to the research work carried out at IFP. The development of tools for simulation and modeling purposes – the results of which are subsequently compared with experimental data –makes it possible to represent and gain a better understanding of complex mechanisms, to reduce development times and to predict behavior.

This approach has proved successful in many of IFP’s research fields (combustion, catalysis, CO2 storage, etc.), as demonstrated by the scientific results presented by our researchers in this issue. What’s more, two of them are winners of the Yves Chauvin thesis
prize, awarded each year to IFP’s best PhD student.

Their research work, together with that of their colleagues, opens up new opportunities for innovation in the key fields of energy, transport and the environment.

Philippe Ungerer, Scientific Director


- Combustion is laying the table!
 - Modelica, towards a standard for 0D/1D simulation?
 - Zeolites on demand?
 - Pseudo-Bridging Silanols revealed
 - Improving CO2 storage using molecular simulation
 - Using noble gases to trace CO2

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