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Sophie Bernadet prix de thèse Innovation 2019 de la SCF IDE

On 28 November, in Amiens, northern France, Sophie Bernadet received a thesis innovation award from the French Chemistry Society’s Energy Inter-division. This award, which recognizes innovative research in the field of chemistry and energy, was given for her work on the photoconversion of CO2 using porous monoliths.

In particular, the results of her research demonstrated the use of innovative monolithic solids with controlled macroporosity for the photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to produce hydrocarbons with a high energy value. The thesis was supervised within IFPEN by Antoine Fécant and jointly supervised by Professors Rénal Backov and Serge Ravaine (CRPP, Bordeaux University). 

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Sophie Bernadet lauréate 2019 du prix de thèse Innovation de la SCF IDE