03.11.2020 - 04.11.2020

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Logo workshop CorrosionIFPEN Scienc'Innov Workshop Corrosion in Low Carbon Energies (Web Conference) - 3 & 4 November 2020

The development of new energies is facing new corrosion challenges.

Within the academic and industrial corrosion community, the aim of this workshop is to provide the opportunity to exchange information and identify the scientific challenges to be solved in order to mitigate the corrosion issues in the new and developing fields of low carbon energies.

The program will focus on corrosion issues in what are often called “sustainable”, “green” or “near-neutral carbon” technologies, including energy production (renewables, geothermal,  biofuels, etc.), energy conversion and storage (hydrogen, CO2 storage, etc.).

For instance:

  • the development of geothermal energy is linked to the selection of appropriate materials under severe corrosion and scaling conditions,
  • Offshore wind mills structures face severe fatigue fretting corrosion degradations in sea water,
  • The production of biofuels from vegetable waste also faces new corrosion challenges to be solved,
  • Metallic materials used for the production, transport, storage and use of gaseous hydrogen have to be resistant to embrittlement,
  • Important corrosion studies will also been necessary for the development of CO2 capture, transport, storage and utilization technologies.


Join us and seize the opportunity to participate to the discussion between experts from the academic and industrial corrosion communities.

IFPEN and Corrosion

Presentation of IFPEN's corrosion activity and its development over the past 15 years: from historic Oil & Gas activities to current renewable energies: geothermal energy, hydrogen and CO2 transport, CCUS, biofuels, etc.

Scientific correspondents:
François Ropital and Jean Kittel - Applied Physical Chemistry and Mechanics Division, IFPEN
Contact: corrosion-lce@ifpen.fr

More information: www.corrosion-LCE.com