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Fundamental Research
News 09 February 2022

The 2021 Yves Chauvin Thesis Prize awarded to Lina Jolivet: materials analysis to support processes

Lina Jolivet was the winner of the 2021 Yves Chauvin thesis prize for her work on the contribution of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to the characterization of industrial materials with a view to improving processes.

Innovation and Industry
News 04 February 2022

IFPEN and geothermal energy: multidisciplinary research for complex technical challenges

The WGC 2020+1 World Geothermal Congress, held last October, brought together more than 3,000 experts from around the globe. Objective: to discuss the latest technologies in this sector. The event was an opportunity to highlight recent advances developed at IFPEN aimed at addressing the principal difficulties encountered by geothermal energy operators.

Issue 54 of Science@ifpen
News in brief

SC1 - “Live” heterogeneous catalysts

Heterogeneous catalysts are materials that make chemically possible and economically viable countless industrial processes in the service of energy-related and environmental problems, such as fuel production and air quality (vehicle emissions, building interiors). Their implementation involves two major scientific challenges: (1) the identification of the chemical, structural and morphological properties of an optimal catalyst , (2) the evolution of these properties over the catalyst’s life-cycle (synthesis, preparation, use, recycling)...
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Project manager, Research Engineer in Heterogeneous Catalysis
Malika Boualleg joined IFP New Energy after a thesis in synthesis of materials and heterogeneous catalysis (CP2M, ex-LCOMS 2006-2009), during which she developed new syntheses of mesostructured
Photocatalysis, a lighted pathway for CO2 conversion
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Photocatalysis, a lighted pathway for CO2 conversion

Although the climate crisis makes the reduction of CO2 emissions a matter of urgency, some industries will have difficulty in avoiding them, such as cement plants (where the core process is currently based on the calcination of CaCO3) or refineries, which are currently highly energy-intensive. Hence the huge potential interest in procedures that could capture the CO2 released directly from the plant (...) then recover it at a fraction of the energy cost...
The premature ageing of oxygen carrier materials: a challenge for CLC
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The premature ageing of oxygen carrier materials: a challenge for CLC

The increase in the level of atmoshpheric CO2 and the resulting climate change are a global concern. Despite this, the use of fossil fuels continues to grow, in response to high energy demand. Combined with storage and CO2 conversion solutions, Chemical Looping Combustion processes (CLC) offer a medium-term solution to reducing the impact of energy production from fossil fuels, or even biomass...
Issue 46 of Science@ifpen - Earth Sciences and Environmental Technologies
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Colloid transport in porous media: deposits and plugging

The transport of colloidal particles in porous media is relevant to a number of fields, including geosciences and environmental engineering. Particle-matrix interactions can lead to deposit formation and accumulation, potentially damaging the medium and altering its permeability. (...) At IFPEN, the problem was originally studied for oil and gas production, but research has now been extended to include the fields of geothermal energy and geological storage of CO2.
Issue 45 of Science@ifpen
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Numerical design based on the analysis of multi-scale porous material microstructures

The design of high-quality porous materials is a major challenge for the energy efficiency of industrial processes in the fields of catalysis and biocatalysis and separation and purification operations. For such applications, these materials derive their properties of interest from their specific microstructure, incorporating a large quantity of empty spaces that are organized and connected on a nanometric scale. IFPEN and Saint Gobain Research Provence (SGRP) joined forces to acquire a tool that will ultimately facilitate the development of porous materials optimized for given usages.
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Scientific Assistant Director
Researcher in Molecular Modeling applied to Catalysis
ANNOUNCEMENT : 2 post-doctoral positions pen from October 2024 within the framework of 2 PEPR projects Post-doc 1: Computational screening of heterogeneous catalysts for the syngas to alcohols
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Antoine FECANT

Research engineer / Project manager
Antoine Fécant holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (2004) and a DEA (Master degree) from the University of Lille I the same year. He then obtained a PhD
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Researcher in Complex Fluids / Ph.D. in Chemistry
_ Maira completed her Ph.D. thesis at the Institute for Research on Catalysis and the Environment of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (CNRS) and Saint-Gobain Provence Research on the catalytic
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Materials & Corrosion Technical Advisor, Project manager
PhD in Electrochemistry
> 20 years experience in Materials and Corrosion. Materials Engineer from INSA de Lyon , 1997. PhD in Eectrochemistry (Paris 6), 2001. Habilitation from INSA de Lyon, 2011. Member of Cefracor / EFC /