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News 29 April 2021

Corrosion, one of the major challenges of the energy transition, has been the focus of significant research at IFPEN

Corrosion attacks the equipment used by the energy industry, affecting installations used for CO2 capture and transport, hydrogen storage and transport, geothermal energy and biomass conversion processes, as well as oil and natural gas installations. In all these sectors, corrosion also adversely affects safety, the environment and process profitability.

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Materials & Corrosion Technical Advisor, Project manager
PhD in Electrochemistry
> 20 years experience in Materials and Corrosion. Materials Engineer from INSA de Lyon, 1997. PhD in Eectrochemistry (Paris 6), 2001. Habilitation from INSA de Lyon, 2011. Member of Cefracor / EFC /
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François ROPITAL

Research engineer – Project leader
François Ropital is a Materials Engineer from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon (1980), Doctor of the École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Étienne in Chemical Engineering
Issue 39 of Science@ifpen
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An explosive cocktail for steel fracture?

Issue 37 of Science@ifpen
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Carbon steel in self-defense mode against corrosion

Carbon or low-alloy steel corrosion, by aqueous media containing CO2, hampers the development of numerous technologiesa for the energy transition. Among the electrochemical processes involved, the