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Issue 55 of Science@ifpen - Process Design and Modeling
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Process Design and Industrial Demonstration, the two sides of the same coin

According to the NZE (Net Zero Emission) scenario of the IEAa, the deployment of CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) needs to accelerate and increase from around 40 Mt of CO2 captured globally in 2022 to 1 Gt in 2030. Among the solutions developed, post-combustion capture using solvents is, so far, considered to be one of the most robust, efficient and appropriate. The DMXTM solution, which addresses the need to have access to effective and economical technologies, is one such option. The fruit of more than 10 years research at IFPEN, this technology, now entering the final development phase, had to be demonstrated in a real industrial setting...
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Research engineer / project leader
Holder of an Engineering Graduate Degree in General Engineering from the "Ecole Polytechnique" (Palaiseau – France) and a Specialized Engineering Graduate Degree in Petroleum Engineering and Project
Issue 41 of Science@IFPEN
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Multiphase reactive flow simulation: developments and applications in the field of combustion (HDR 2015)

The scientific field concerned by my HDR research is the 3D numerical modeling of two-phase combustion, combining research on turbulent combustion and the preparation of the reactive mixture. Building
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IFPEN/Inria partnership: digital technology at the heart of innovation

Digital technologies are playing an increasingly important role in solving industrial problems. IFPEN forged a partnership with Inria. Five years later, we look back over this fruitful partnership.
Science@ifpen n°35
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Power in unity: a new approach to simulate complex flows

Science@ifpen n°33
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Wind turbines have the wind in their sails, thanks to GPUs

IFPEN has been carrying out research in the field of floating wind turbines for a number of years, developing, for this purpose, the DeepLines Wind TM simulation tool , in partnership with Principia
Science@ifpen n°33
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Solving sparse linear systems on heterogeneous architectures

Numerical simulation is a strategic tool , complementary to experimental studies, used to gain a precise understanding of complex physical phenomena . With many simulation tools a , performance