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Innovation and Industry
News 29 April 2021

Corrosion, one of the major challenges of the energy transition, has been the focus of significant research at IFPEN

Corrosion attacks the equipment used by the energy industry, affecting installations used for CO2 capture and transport, hydrogen storage and transport, geothermal energy and biomass conversion processes, as well as oil and natural gas installations. In all these sectors, corrosion also adversely affects safety, the environment and process profitability.

Fundamental Research
News 28 April 2021

A new reaction scheme to optimize the production of biobased butadiene

Revisiting an old process that starts with ethanol thanks to a better understanding of the reaction mechanisms involved, IFPEN’s researchers have defined an original scheme, combining the hitherto generally accepted Gorin-Jones route with a reaction route known as the “Inoue route”. The scheme has been shown to be relevant for explaining the composition of effluents associated with the Ostromislensky catalytic conversion process, paving the way for future process improvements.