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After being nominated by the Catalysis Division of the French Chemistry Society, Kim Larmier has been given the “EFCATS Best PhD Thesis Award 2017” for his thesis entitled “Isopropanol conversions on alumina solids: a mixed experimental / multiscale modeling approach”.

The prize is awarded every two years by the European Federation of Catalysis Societies (EFCATS), and is the most prestigious international thesis award in the field of catalysis.


Kim Larmier is the first French researcher to win the award.

The prize will be handed over in August 2017 at the EUROPACAT XIII Congress, which will be held in Florence, Italy.

Kim Larmier’s thesis research concerned the study of the dehydration of isopropanol on alumina-based catalysts, using an approach combining ab initio theoretical calculations, kinetic modeling and catalytic tests. The active sites in this reaction were identified and performance prediction models were created on the basis of ab initiocalculations.

The research was supervised by Éric Marceau and Hélène Pernot from the Surface Reactivity Laboratory at UPMC (Paris VI) together with Céline Chizallet, Sylvie Maury and Nicolas Cadran (IFPEN's Catalysis and Separation Division).

It will be recalled that Kim Larmier was the Yves Chauvin thesis prize winner in 2016.


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