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Congratulations to Céline Pagis, a researcher at IFPEN, who just won the 2019 Denise Barthomeuf award, presented by the GFZ Groupe français des Zéolithes (French Zeolite Group). The award acknowledges the scientific quality of a PhD thesis whose main theme is linked to porous materials such as zeolites or related materials.

Céline Pagis produced her PhD thesis "Synthesis and catalytic performance of hollow Y zeolite crystals" between 2015 and 2018, under the supervision of David Farrusseng and Alain Tuel at IRCELyon. This exploratory work into materials synthesis, promoted by Nicolas Bats, Mathias Dodin and Raquel Martinez-Franco (IFPEN), made it possible to create two new morphologies of Y zeolite, in the form of cubes with thin walls (<100 nm).

Céline then assessed these materials using simple catalytic tests, which showed that the morphology of the crystals improves their catalytic and transport properties, by changing the characteristic diffusion length. The content and originality of this study have resulted in the filing of two patents, an article in a journal and five scientific publications.

It is worth noting that Céline Pagis was also awarded the 2018 L'Oréal-Unesco "Pour les Femmes et la Science" grant last October.