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Pierre-Alain BREUIL

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Chef de projet
Pierre-Alain Breuil a étudié à Chimie ParisTech avant de réaliser son doctorat dans le groupe Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired Catalysis du Prof. Joost Reek à l’Université d’Amsterdam et d
Science@ifpen n°32
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Where aviation fuels are concerned... compromise is the name of the game

In the aviation sector, fuels derived from hydrotreated vegetable oils (HEFA a ) are seen as an alternative to petroleum based Jet A-1 b to reduce the environmental footprint of air transport .
Issue 28 Science@ifpen
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Boehmite rhapsody! Controlled precipitation

Transition aluminas a , widely used as catalyst supports, play a key role in numerous refining processes. Today, the need to develop new and more efficient catalysts demands, among other things,