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Pierre-Henri BigeardIFPEN’s policy of hosting PhD students forms one of the pillars of our scientific strategy. It gives students an opportunity to consolidate their training by carrying out advanced research and by working within an applied context, with an opening towards industry and future career opportunities.

From our point of view, it is a way of advancing our expertise and approaching original avenues for progress in order to overcome obstacles that have been identified in our innovation areas. This policy also helps to forge or strengthen links with academic research—in France and throughout Europe—and expands the network of scientific resourcing available to our researchers.

This year, the Scientific Board awarded the Yves Chauvin prize to Étienne Jourdier for his research on the “production of cellulases
by Trichoderma reesei for lignocellulosic biorefineries”
. During its deliberations, the Board praised the theoretical and experimental quality of the research, along with its major contribution to IFPEN’s R&D potential in the field of biotechnologies.

We hope that you enjoy this issue,

Pierre-Henri Bigeard, Executive Vice-President


 - Microorganisms change their diet. Thesis by Étienne Jourdier, 2013 Yves Chauvin prize-winner
 - Unmasking oxygen. Thesis by Badaoui Omais
 - Catalysts poisoned by silicon: the investigation progresses! Thesis by Fabien Chainet
 - Reducing engine pollution without delay. Thesis by Delphine Bresch-Pietri
 - Arid zones on the Equator? Thesis by Anne-Claire Chaboureau
 - Biomass in the tank. Thesis by Léa Vilcocq
 - Pollution abatement in vehicles: from atom to catalytic converter. Thesis by Nikola Rankovic
 - Microorganisms in a stir. Thesis by Jean-Christophe Gabelle

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