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Xavier MontagneEndorsing a sustainable development approach is one of IFP's major commitments. This is further corroborated by its five strategic priorities: controlled CO2, diversified fuels, fuel-efficient vehicles, clean refining and extended reserves.

This fourth issue of Science@ifp presents a selection of recent publications that bear witness to IFP's action in this context.
Simulating the complete dynamic of a sedimentary basin, mastering well fracture network geometry, reconstructing complex petroleum cuts by computer, proposing new engine control approaches for improved energy management aboard hybrid vehicles, or
demonstrating another way of using ethanol potential as an alternative to conventional fuels are the contributions proposed here.

Hoping that you enjoy reading this issue...

Xavier Montagne, Associate Scientific Director


 - Potential of ethanol-dedicated engines
 - Molecular reconstruction of petroleum cuts
 - Microkinetic models for complex petroleum cuts
 - Complex stratigraphic and tectonic modeling
 - Automation and signal processing for engine control
 - Homogenization of a fractured rocky medium


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