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Xavier MontagneThe Science@ifpen newsletter provides the scientific community with access to a selection of results obtained by our researchers and published in world-class journals. A few years ago, in order to enhance its scientific excellence, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) created an R&D expertise network that now brings together around fifteen Experts and Expert Directors.

Our aim is to publish regular issues of Science@ifpen, primarily focusing on the work of our expert community. In issue 8, for example, readers will discover a broad range of topics, including how modeling can provide a clearer understanding of foothill zone behavior, the results of eco-driving techniques applied to electric vehicles or the development of innovative methods for monitoring corrosion.

We are delighted to be able to offer you a glimpse of this diversity and hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.

Xavier Montagne, Deputy Director, Scientific Management


 - Diving deep into the world of risers
 - Foothill zones give up their secrets
 - Eco-driving for electric vehicles
 - Gaining a better understanding of the properties of heavy products
 - The kinetics of colloidal deposits in porous media
 - Listening steels during their corrosion

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