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The collection “Les Cahiers de l’Économie” aims to present work carried out at IFP Energies nouvelles and IFP School dealing with economics, finance or energy transition management .

Couverture - Cahier Economie n°141Cinquième période à venir : les Certificats d’Economies d’Energie, catalyseurs du couple Reprise / Transition Ecologique ? 
N°141 - Mars 2021   [ STUDY & SYNTHESIS ]
Maxime Schenckery, Jacques Millery

Les travaux sur la forme que devra prendre la 5ème période de CEE ont continué, suscitant bien des débats, et aboutissant à une première série de propositions rendue publique début février 2021.

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Couverture - Cahier Economie n°140Trajectory Based Robust Optimization Applied to the Case of Electricity Facilities Investment with Significant Penetration of Renewables
N°140 – February 2021  
Pierre Cayet, Arash Farnoosh

As large scale penetration of renewables into electric systems requires increasing flexibility from dispatchable production units, the electricity mix must be designed in order to address brutal variations of residual demand. Inspired from the philosophy of Distributionally Robust Optimization (DRO), we propose a trajectory ambiguity set including residual demand trajectories verifying both support and variability criterion using ambiguous quantile information.
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Couverture - Cahier Economie n°139Quantifying virtual water scarcity risk transfers of energy system in China
N°139 – January 2021  
Xuebing Yao, Xu Tang, Arash Farnoosh, Cuiyang Feng

Using multi-regional input-output analysis, this study estimates the virtual flows ad virtual water scarcity risk transfers driven by interprovincial energy consumption in China. Results could provide reference value for policymakers to develop new energy strategies and manage water resources sustainably.

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