Awards obtained in 2021

Antoine Fécant, chemist, research engineer and project manager at IFPEN, has been awarded the French Académie des Sciences 2021 IMT Young Scientist prize for his body of work and, in particular, his contribution to the development of research in the field of photocatalysis for the production of “solar fuels" at IFPEN. He has over twenty publications and one hundred patents to his credit.

Rémi Hocq, a PhD researcher at IFPEN (2017-2019) was awarded the 2020 Marcel Loncin prize by the association of chemists, engineers and executives in the food and agricultural Industries (Acia) for his thesis entitled “Clostridium beijerinckii DSM 6423, an emerging platform strain for solvent bioproduction". This research had previously been singled out for the Dufrenoy silver medal of the French Academy of Agriculture and the 2020 Yves Chauvin Prize.

Julie Guillemant, a PhD researcher at IFPEN (2017-2019), was awarded the 2021 thesis prize from The French Society of Mass Spectrometry for her work on the "chemometric exploitation of molecular analysis data (FT-ICR/MS) of gas oils (GO) and vacuum gas oils (VGO) for the research for reactivity descriptors".

The IFPEN Scientific Board has recognised the excellence of Lina Jolivet’s doctoral thesis work and awarded her the 2021 Yves Chauvin prize for her thesis “Use of laser-induced plasma spectroscopy for the modeling of refining processes”. Her work was part of a joint research project, conducted with the start-up ABLATOM, into adapting the use of this technique to materials for NETs.

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