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Photo de Julie GuillemantThe French Society of Mass Spectrometry has awarded its 2021 thesis prize to Julie Guillemant, who worked in the "Physics and Analysis" research department at IFPEN, for her work on the "chemometric exploitation of molecular analysis data (FT-ICR/MS) of gas oils (GO) and vacuum gas oils (VGO) for the research for reactivity descriptors".  

The objective was to develop a methodology for characterizing complex mixtures at the molecular level, such as heavy oil cuts, by combining the power of very high-resolution mass spectrometry (FT-ICR/MS) and the exploration of data through chemometric approaches.  This methodology will both improve the understanding of the transformation mechanisms of heavy cuts in refining processes and make the kinetic modelling of these processes increasingly precise and predictive.

This thesis, defended in September 2020, was supervised at IFPEN by Jean-François Joly, co-sponsored by Alexandra Berlioz-Barbier and Luis Pereira de Oliveira, and overseen by Florian Albrieux, Marion Lacoue-Nѐgre and Ludovic Duponchel (LASIR, Lille).  The virtual award ceremony was held on 24 June.