In a few words

Pascal Alix studied Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer et Claude Bernard University (Lyon I), and then completed a PhD at the Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne on the charactrization and the modelling of two phase critical flows (safety studies, pressurised liquefied gas vessels). After a three-year experience in industrial boilers (CNIM-Babcock), Pascal Alix joined IFPEN's Chemical Engineering & Technology Department in 2002.  He has been involved in various projects (biomass gasification, CO2 capture, gas treatment, air quality...).

Research subjects
Heat and Mass Transfer
Packings (structured & random)
  • Gas Liquid Flows in Packed Beds

Packings are widely used in industry, in particular for distillation and absorption. Packings give high mass and heat transfer with low pressure drop. One topic of research consists in packing characterization in terms of mass transfer and hydraulics, and with a better description of local flows. One topic of research consists in CFD development to better predict two phase flows over complex surfaces.