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Simulation of the flows around wind turbines
Fundamental Research
News 23 September 2020

Wind energy: a new numerical tool to support the sector’s future

Encouraged by the French long-term energy program, the increasing roll-out of wind energy technology is associated with new challenges. To address these, IFPEN, working in partnership with Météo France (the French national weather service), has developed a numerical tool capable of highly realistic modeling.

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Chaouki HABCHI

HDR-Associated with the SMEMaG Doctoral School of CentraleSupelec at the University of Paris-Saclay
PhD from the University of Paris-VI obtained in 1990 in the field of Computational Fluid Mechanics. HDR (habilitation à diriger des recherches) from the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
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Stéphane RAUX

Project manager / PhD in process engineering and advanced technologies
Stéphane Raux, graduated from the ESTACA engineering school and holder of a PhD in process engineering and advanced technologies from Sorbonne University-UPMC, works at IFP Energies nouvelles since
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Research engineer / Project manager
Nicolas Ferrando graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Génie Chimique (Toulouse) with a Chemical Engineering degree, followed by a PhD in Chemistry from Université Paris XI. He
Issue 41 of Science@IFPEN
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Study of packings for natural gas treatment and CO2 capture columns (HDR 2019)

Employed in certain treatment equipment, such as industrial gas purification columns, structured packings are ordered stacks of corrugated metal sheets that promote contact between the gas and a
Issue 41 of Science@IFPEN
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Multiphase reactive flow simulation: developments and applications in the field of combustion (HDR 2015)

The scientific field concerned by my HDR research is the 3D numerical modeling of two-phase combustion, combining research on turbulent combustion and the preparation of the reactive mixture. Building
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IFP-School Professor / PhD Chemical Engineering
Jean-Charles de Hemptinne graduated from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1985 with a Chemical Engineering degree followed by a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT. In 2000, he defended a thesis
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Dr B Noetinger, editor-in-chief OGST, expert in transport modeling in disordered media
Benoît Noetinger graduated from the École Polytechnique in Paris, and holds a thesis at UPMC (now Sorbonne University) in liquid state physics, the work of which was carried out at the PMMH laboratory
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Pascal ALIX

Project Manager, Research Engineer
E-mail :
Pascal Alix studied Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer et Claude Bernard University (Lyon I), and then completed a PhD at the Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne on the charactrization and the modelling
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Antonio Sciarretta received a Doctorate degree in thermal machines with a dissertation on engine modeling and control in 1999, and since then he has always worked at the intersection of these fields
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Research Engineer
Damien Hudebine obtained his degree in Chemical Engineering (ENSIC) in 1999 before completing his PhD in the kinetic modeling group of IFPEN in collaboration with ENS Lyon until 2002. He then joined