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Véronique Lachet received her Chemical Engineer degree (Chimie ParisTech, Paris) in 1995 and her PhD in Physical Chemistry (Paris Sud University, Orsay) in 1998. After a short postdoctoral stay (Schlumberger Research Centre, Cambridge), she joined IFP Energies nouvelles at the end of 1998 as a Research Engineer and then became Project Manager in 2002. She received her accreditation to supervise research in 2012 (Clermont Auvergne University, Clermont-Ferrand). Between 2017 and 2019, she was Associated Professor at Paris-Saclay University.

Her research and expertise areas are the phase equilibria and the physico-chemical properties of materials and fluids for energy. Her contribution to these topics lies at the interface between molecular simulation, theory and experimental physical chemistry. She is currently coordinating a project whose objective is the development of innovative characterization methods of complex fluids for applications in the field of new energy technologies. She is also responsible for the development and promotion of the Monte Carlo simulation software "GIBBS".

Véronique Lachet is the author of more than 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals (H = 28, 1881 citations, source: Web Of Science, November 16, 2020), a book chapter and 3 patents.

Research subjects
Thermodynamics of complex materials and fluids
Phase equilibria, phase properties, interfaces
Development of molecular simulation and thermodynamic modelling tools, and their application to industrial issues
  • Scientific leader for IFPEN of ANR projects « GAZ ANNEXES » (Impact of annex gases on CO2 injection, ANR-06-CO2-2005) and « SIGARRR » (Simulation of the Impact of Annex Gases - SOx, NyOx, O2 co-injected with CO2 during its geological storage - on the Reservoir-Rocks Reactivity, ANR-13-SEED-0006) dealing with CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage).
  • Responsible for the development and the valorisation of the “GIBBS” Monte Carlo software. This molecular simulation software, co-owned by IFPEN and ICP (Institut de Chimie Physique, Paris-Saclay), is commercialized by the company Materials Design.
  • Manager of the project « HAMAKER » (physical chemistry of complex fluids).
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