24.11.2020 - 25.11.2020

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Logo Sclae4MatIFPEN Scienc'Innov Workshop: Innovative materials: which scale-up methodology? (Scale4MAT); Web Conference 24-25 Nov. 2020

Catalysts are central to many industrial processes and have been the focus of decades of research to improve their performance. In the future, breakthroughs will most certainly come from new ways of synthesizing these materials, with the use of new technologies which will have to be rolled out on an industrial scale, in order to make these materials available in sufficient quantities for the process industry. The transition from laboratory to industrial scale remains a major challenge, to ensure rapid transfer of research results to the market.

The Scale4MAT Web conference has been a special opportunity to discuss the new approaches to modeling unit operations required to facilitate the extrapolation of syntheses of breakthrough materials.

Scientific Correspondent of this Scienc'Innov Workshop

Jean-François Joly
Process Design and Modeling Division

Organization Committee

Alain Méthivier
Catalysis, Biocatalysis and Separation Division

Jean-Marc Schweitzer
Process Design and Modeling Division

Christophe Vallée
Catalysis, Biocatalysis and Separation Division

Tuesday 24 November

09:00    Opening of the conference
              J-F. Joly (Scale4MAT scientific correspondent, IFPEN, France)

9:10       Welcome
               X. Longaygue (IFPEN Scientific Division, France)


09:15    Towards innovative materials
              D. Uzio, G. Pirngruber (IFPEN, France)

10:00    Scale up of innovative materials
             J-M. Schweitzer, M. Servel (IFPEN, France)
10:45    PRODIA project (MOF)
             D. Farrusseng (IRCELYON, France)

11:30    End of the presentation - Lunch break

14:00    Understanding structure-transport relationships in disordered porous solids
             S. Rigby (Univ. of Nottingham, UK)

14:45    Multi-technique characterisation of hierarchically organised gamma-alumina catalyst supports
             E. Jolimaitre (IFPEN, France)

15:30    Nature-inspired, computationally assisted design of hierarchically structured zeolites
             M.O. Coppens (UCL London, UK)

16:15    End of the presentations

Wednesday 25 November


9:00    Porous network modeling - synthesis and discussion
           J. Verstraete (IFPEN, France)

9:45    Complex rheological flows of suspensions: three case studies
           S. Manneville (ENS de Lyon, France)

10:30   Population balance approach for gelification modeling
            M. Lattuada (Univ. of Fribourg, Switzerland)

11:15   End of the presentation - Lunch Break

14:00   Understanding diffusion and effective diffusivity in porous media using pulsed field gradient nuclear
            magnetic resonance
            M.D. Mantle (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)

14:45   Concluding remarks
            JF. Joly, J-M. Schweitzer (IFPEN, France)

15:00   End of the Workshop