In a few words

Damien Hudebine obtained his degree in Chemical Engineering (ENSIC) in 1999 before completing his PhD in the kinetic modeling group of IFPEN in collaboration with ENS Lyon until 2002. He then joined IFPEN as a research engineer on the topics of hydrotreating and hydroconversion of petroleum fractions. Since 2009, his activities have evolved towards the production of biofuels, in particular as head of the Enzymatic Hydrolysis work package of the Futurol™ project (2nd generation bioethanol).

Damien also participates in teaching and continuing education activities on his various research themes. He supervised 6 PhD students and participated in the publication of 17 articles and 8 patents.

Research subjects
Methodologies for reconstruction of complex molecular mixtures
Studies of complex reaction kinetics
Kinetic modeling and reactor design

Development and improvement of hydrotreating and hydroconversion processes

Production of 2nd generation ethanol (Futurol™ project) with various partners : ARD, INRA and Lesaffre

Software development for process design adapted to complex mixtures and reactive systems


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