In a few words

Frédéric graduated with a PhD diploma in Fluid Mechanics from Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2014. Since then, he works as a research engineer at IFPEN. Frédéric’s reasearch focuses on both the aerodynamics of wind turbine rotors and atmospheric flows within wind farms, including wake effects. He developed and implemented several models for the DeepLines WindTM aero-hydro-servo-elastic solver, including BEM, vortex methods, or Vertical Axis Wind Turbine dedicated models. Recently, Frédéric has been interested in wind farm flows, developing so-called “engineering” steady-state and dynamic analytical models but also working on high-fidelity Large-Eddy-Simulation and meteorological solvers, based on Navier-Stokes (SOWFA/OpenFOAM, Meso-NH) but also Lattice Boltzmann (waLBerla) frameworks in order to develop tools that can be used in real time. A particular focus is put on the interaction between wind turbine wakes and the Atmospheric Boundary Layer. Frédéric is involved in projects both at national (ANR) and international level (H2020). He supervises several PhD students and actively participates in IEA Wind tasks.

Research subjects
Wind turbine aerodynamics
Wind farm flows
Areas of expertise

- Projet H2020 (2019-2022): EoCoE-II “Energy oriented Center of Excellence on HPC”. Partners: Cerfacs, Ciemat, CNR, CNRS, DDN, Enea, FAU, Fraunhofer, FZJ, IFPEN, Inria, MPG, PSNC, UBAH, ULB, UNITN

- Projet ANR (2020-2024): MOMENTA “farM rOtor ModEl accouNting aTmospheric wAke turbulence”. Partners: VALEMO, LA, IFPEN, LHEEA, PRISME, CREA


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