In a few words
  • Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1992. PhD on combustion modeling in internal combustion engines at IFPEN/Ecole Centrale Paris, 1996.  National accreditation to supervise research (HDR) from the University of Orleans in 2008.     
  • Product Engineer in the advanced studies department of Salomon SA in 1996 and 1997. Realization of experiments aiming at the development of new concepts of gliding machines.
  • Joined IFPEN in 1997 as a research engineer in optical diagnostics for engine, then project manager, activity manager, expert, and department head.
  • Research in the field of engine combustion, specializing in the application of optical diagnostics to understand the physical mechanisms occurring in engine combustion chambers, in particular with regard to Diesel direct injection technology.
  • From 2009 to 2017, half time secondment to the ANR (French National Research Agency), as head of the Sustainable Transport and Mobility (TDM) program, then Energy Scientific Coordinator for the Future Investment Program (PIA). Coordination of several collaborative projects, supervision of about 15 PhD students, co-author of more than 50 journal articles, and more than 30 conference papers.
  • Creation in 2008 (with Lyle Pickett of the Sandia laboratory in the United States) of the ECN (Engine Combustion Network), currently still the main organizer of the actions of this network which has become a reference in the field of combustion.
Research subjects
Development of an optical diagnostic techniques based on fluorescence to study the evaporation and mixing of multi-component fuels.
Development of optical diagnostic techniques to simultaneously measure speed and temperature fields in an engine combustion chamber.
Experimental and numerical study of the stabilization mechanisms of lifted Diesel flames and the associated formation of soot.
  • ECN France : Towards clean and efficient engines: FRANCE contribution to ECN, projet ANR, AAP 2014, partenaires : PRISME (Orléans), PPRIME(Poitiers), CORIA (Rouen).
  • BIOPTIC2 : Development of quantitative mixture measurement techniques for multi-component fuels including bio-fuel mixtures for automotive and aeronautical applications, projet FVV, partenaires: CORIA (Rouen), University de Duisburg Essen (Allemagne)




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