In a few words

Quang Huy Tran graduated from Mines ParisTech and completed his doctoral thesis in Applied Mathematics at IFPEN and Rice University (Texas) before returning to IFPEN as a research engineer specializing in Scientific Computing. His activities mainly focus on numerical methods for the approximate resolution of partial differential equations occurring in many physical models, and more incidentally on optimization. He holds a Habilitation to Conduct Researches degree and takes part in supervising several doctoral students. He is also in charge of Doctoral Training for the Division of Digital Sciences and Technologies and teaches in the Master 2 Analyse, Modélisation et Simulation of the University Paris-Saclay to which he is attached via the École Doctorale Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (STIC 580). His CV and list of works can be viewed on ORCID.

Postal address: IFPEN, Direction Sciences et Technologies du Numérique, Département Mathématiques Appliquées, 1 et 4 avenue de Bois Préau, 92852 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex. Phone : +33 1 47 52 74 22. Fax : +33 1 47 52 70 22.

Research subjects
Resolution of stiff algebraic systems (with unbounded derivatives or involving complementarity equations) by alternative methods to Newton
Construction of optimized mixed and reduced bases by a posteriori error estimates for pour the approximation high-dimensional problems
Numerical methods for transport-diffusion phenomena governed by parabolic-(weakly) hyperbolic systems

Contributing to applicative codes

  • Reservoir dynamical simulation by PumaFlow: modeling of fluid flows in porous media, with production and injection. 
  • Stratigraphic modeling by DionisosFlow: simulation of sedimentary basins at regional scale and geological times, taking into account several physical processes de multiples processes.
  • Modeling of thermodynamical behavior of hydrocarbons by PVTFlow : resolution of chemical equilibrium equations using a unified formulation.
  • Simulation of combustion engines by IFP-C3D : resolution of compressible reactive flow models with sprays.

Managing projects

  • Co-facilitator of the Scientific Challenge Assessment of the economic and environmental challenges created by the energy transition. Decision support for innovation (2017-).
  • Head of project Doctoral Training (2016-), in charge of collecting proposals and following up PhD students in the Division of Digital Sciences and Technologies.
  • Leader of projet Advanced numerical and high performance methods for scientific computing (2011-2016), 

Supervising PhD students

  • Stable and parallel optimization methods for machine learning with big data, by Abdoulaye Koroko (2020-2023), in collaboration with Mounir Haddou (Insa Rennes), Ani Anciaux-Sedrakian (IFPEN) and Ibtihel Ben Gharbia (IFPEN).
  • Advanced mathematical models and numerical methods for the simulation of polymer in oil reservoirs, by Guissel Dongmo (2018-2021), in collaboration with Christophe Berthon (LMJL), Benjamin Braconnier and Christophe Preux (IFPEN).
  • Towards more robust and accurate computations of capillary effects in the simulation of multiphase flows in porous media, by Sabrina Bassetto (2018-2021), in collaboration withClément Cancès (Inria Lille) and Guillaume Enchéry (IFPEN).
  • Numerical resolution of algebrac systems with complementarity conditions. Application to the thermodynamics of compositional multiphase mixtures, by Duc Thach Son Vu (2017-2020), in collaboration with Mounir Haddou (Insa Rennes) and Ibtihel Ben Gharbia (IFPEN).
  • Study of new numerical schemes for the simulation of flows with adverse mobility ratios in the EOR context, by Karine Laurent (2016-2019), in collaboration with Christophe Berthon (LMJL), Éric Flauraud and Christophe Preux (IFPEN).
  • Numerical methods for a stratigraphic model with nonlinear diffusion and moving frontier areas, by Nicolas Peton (2015-2018), in collaboration with Clément Cancès (Inria Lille), Sylvie Wolf and Didier Granjeon (IFPEN).
  • Application of reduced basis techniques to the simulation of flows in porous media, by Riad Sanchez (2014-2017), in collaboration with Sébastien Boyaval (ENPC) and Guillaume Enchéry (IFPEN).
  • Wavelet-Gaussian mixed bases for electronic structure calculations, by Dinh Huong Pham (2013-2017), in collaboration with Valérie Perrier (LJK), Luigi Genovese (CEA) and Laurent Duval (IFPEN).
  • Robust and efficient numerical schemes for the simulation of two-phase compressible transsonic Baer-Nunziato flows, by Tassadit Asmaa (2011-2014), in collaboration avec Frédéric Coquel (CMAP) and Stéphane Jay (IFPEN).
  • Adaptive finite volume method based on a posteriori error estimators for solving two phase flow in porous media, par Carole Widmer (2009-2013), in collaboration with Vivette Girault (LJLL).
  • Adaptive mesh refinement for two-phase flows in oil pipelines. Application to the simulation of terrain- and severe-slugging phenomena, par Quang Long Nguyen (2005-2009), in collaboration with Frédéric Coquel and Marie Postel (LJLL).
  • Dynamics and control of multiphase flows, by Emmanuel Duret (2001-2005), in collaboration with Pierre Rouchon.
  • Relaxation methods for the simulation of multiphase flows in pipelines, by Michaël Baudin (2000-2003), in collaboration with Frédéric Coquel (LJLL).
  • Modelling and analysis of two-phase flow instabilities in pipeline-riser systems, by Erich Zakarian (1996-2000), in collaboration with Pascal Chossat (LJAD).

Organizing scientific events

  • Mini-symposium Complementarity Problems: Applications, Theory and Algorithms, at WCG0 2019 (6th World Congress in Global Optimization) in Metz, July 2019, in collaboration with Mounir Haddou and Ibtihel Ben Gharbia.
  • Conference SIMRACE 2015: Numerical methods and HPC for the simulation of complex flows, in the Rencontres Scientifiques d'IFPEN series, in Rueil-Malmaison (IFPEN), Decembre 2015, in collaboration with Stéphane de Chaisemartin, Isabelle Faille and Ani Anciaux-Sedrakian.
  • Conference Horizon Maths 2014 of the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris in Rueil-Malmaison (IFPEN), Décembre 2014, in collaboration with Frédéric Delbos, Isabelle Faille and Delphine Sinoquet.
  • Mini-symposium New trends in numerical methods and scientific computing for the simulation of multiphase flows, at SMAI 2011, in Guidel, May 2011, in collaboration with Stéphane de Chaisemartin, Marc Massot and Violaine Louvet.
  • Workshop MAMCDP 09 (Multiresolution and Adaptive Methods for Convection-Dominated Problems) in January 2009, at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, concluding the Équipe de Recherche Technologique interne Simulation Avancée du Transport des Hydrocarbures, in collaboration with Frédéric Coquel, Siegfried Müller and Marie Postel. 

Editing special issues