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News 26 May 2023

Karst aquifers: IFPEN launches a research project in hydrogeology

On May 15, 2023, the kick-off meeting for the Karst project took place. This project aims to set up a multi-scale physical modeling framework for karst aquifers. This four-part project, which is backed by an ERC Synergy grant, will improve the modeling and prediction of the behavior of these systems during potentially dangerous extreme meteorological events (droughts and floods), as well as provide a deeper understanding of how they are formed.

Water cycle management and climate change
Issues and Foresight

Water cycle management and climate change

Water resources are becoming scarcer as they come under increased human and climate pressure. Over-use, drought, pollution and eutrophication* are complicating management of the domestic water cycle, including in Europe, where one third of the territory is exposed to high water stress. How can we deal with this? As part