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News 19 December 2019

New porous microstructure descriptors based on tortuosity and accessibility

IFP Energies nouvelles has developed new morphological descriptors for porous networks. The result of work carried out in partnership by two of its research divisions, they are hinged around the concepts of accessibility and tortuosity to describe paths within a material.

Issue 43 of Science@IFPEN
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Metal nanoparticles living on the edge

Platinum nanoparticles supported on chlorinated γ-alumina are used in bifunctional heterogeneous catalysts, which are central to numerous industrial processes. An atomic-scale study...
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Charles-Philippe LIENEMANN

Charles-Philippe Lienemann - Scientific Advisor at the Physics and Analysis Division
Charles-Philippe Lienemann graduated at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1993. He then joined University of Lausanne (Switzerland) within the group of D. Perret and Prof. J-C. Bünzli for his
Issue 42 of Science@IFPEN
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In situ study of the detailed structure of a foam flowing in a real porous medium

Foam injection during oil production or ground remediation is aimed at overcoming problems of gravity segregation and viscous fingeringa created by fluid injection. Improving this practice requires
Issue 42 of Science@IFPEN
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Rapid elementary metal mapping via LIBS

Effectively detecting the presence of very low quantities of elements in industrial materials is a major challenge. One such example is heterogeneous catalysis where contamination and poisoning of
Issue 42 of Science@IFPEN
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Multiplying analytical dimensions to identify bio-based molecules

IFPEN is actively involved in the development of innovative processes for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into bio-based fuels and molecules. However, in chemical terms, the products
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Thibaud Chevalier

Research Engineer / Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
Thibaud Chevalier graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 2010 and received his PhD in mechanical engineering in 2013 on the flow of yield stress fluids in confined geometries under the
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Research Engineer
Loïc Sorbier is a research engineer in Physics graduated from ESPCI Paris. He obtained his PhD in materials science from université de Montpellier and possess accreditation to supervise research (HDR)
Issue 39 of Science@IFPEN
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Ebullated bed reactors: paths and wakes hit the headlines!

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Project Leader, ab initio calculations for Catalysis
Positions currently available in the group:
Issue 37 Science@ifpen
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For xylene separation, hierarchy is not all bad

The three xylenea isomers are each employed in numerous growth market applications (polymers, plastifiers and resins). It is thus vital to improve the efficiency of the separation processes for these