18.03.2024 - 19.03.2024

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The Toulouse Institute of Fluid Mechanics (IMFT), the Chemical Engineering Laboratory (LGC), and IFP Energies nouvelles are pleased to invite you to the final MUSCATS workshop, which will be held at the IFP Energies Nouvelles – Lyon on 18-19 March 2024
Even if little studied, unlike gas-solid fluidized beds with spherical particles, liquid-solid fluidized beds are nevertheless widely used in a variety of industrial processes dedicated to oil and biomass exploitation as well as water treatment.  Thanks to a better understanding, they can be optimized for the benefit of energy transition.
The ANR funded project MUSCATS (MUlti-Scale modeling of fluidized/ebullated bed reaCtors involving Anisotropic parTicleS) aims at modeling liquid-solid fluidized beds of anisotropic particles thanks to a multi-scale approach.
During this event, the most important results of the project will be shared in the presence of researchers from the industrial and academic worlds working on fluid-solid fixed and fluidized beds, anisotropic particle dynamics, turbulent flows with complex particles, and dense particulate flows.


Monday March 18th - Fixed and fluidized beds                            

08:30-09:45    Registration and Welcome coffee break                  

09:30-09h45   Hélène Olivier-Bourbigou (IFPEN) : Introduction

09:45-10:00    Rim Brahem (IFPEN) and Véronique Roig (IMFT) : Introduction of applications and MUSCATS project                                    

10:00-10:45    Plenary 1. Julien Chauchat (LEGI) : Modeling particle-laden geophysical flows using multiphase flow approaches: from fine-scale processes to practical sand transport formula for waves                               

10:45-11:30    Plenary 2. Fabien Candelier (IUSTI) : Inertial effects on spherical or anisotropic particle dynamics                                    

11:30-11:50    Jean-Lou Pierson (IFPEN) : Settling of inertial rods: from dilute to dense regimes                        

11:50-12:10    Jelena Macak (IFPEN) : DNS of flows through assemblies of cylindrical particles                                    

12:10-12:30    Valérie Vidal (ENS Lyon): Liquid-solid fluidized beds as a model for fluid migration in sedimentary basins

12:30-14:00    Lunch break                                    

14:00-14:50    Plenary 3. Aurore Naso (ECL): Anisotropic particles and turbulence                                    

14:50-15:10    Pascal Fede (IMFT) : Collisions of ellipsoidal particles in a vertical turbulent channel flow                                    

15:10-15:30    Christopher Windows-Yule (U. Birmingham) : Using positron imaging and machine learning to create highly accurate numerical models of fluidised and spouted beds                              

15:30-16:00    Coffee break                                    

16:00-16:20    Dylan Letessier (IMFT) : Dynamics and interactions of free falling cylinders in a Hele-Shaw cell                                    

16:20-16:40    Sylvain Joubaud (ENS Lyon): Bubble rise in dense liquid-particle suspension                                    

16:40-17:00    Laurence Bergougnoux (IUSTI) : Influence of inertia on the orientation of bodies of revolution in shear flows                   

17:00-18:30    Open discussion                                

18:30    End of day 1                                    

20:00    Banquet at Brasserie Georges Restaurant

Tuesday March 19th - Anisotropic particulate flows, Environmental flows

09:00-09:50    Plenary 4. Olivier Simonin (IMFT) : Challenges of modeling L/S fluidized beds of anisotropic particles

09:50-10:10    Kamel Landal-Otmani (IFPEN)  : Results on the mesoscale MUSCATS experiments at IFPEN                                    

10:10-10:30    Renaud Ansart (LGC) : Models for large scale turbulent Liquid-Solid fluidized beds in Neptune CFD

10:30-11:00    Coffee break                                                                    

11:00-11:50    Plenary 5. Julian Talbot (Sorbonne Univ.): Statistical modelization of granular flows of ellipsoidal particles                                    

11:50-12:10    Adrien Toutant: Simulations of anisothermal fluidized beds resolved to a scale smaller than the particle diameter

12:10-12:30 Lucas Massaro Sousa (IFPEN) : Gas-Solid Jet Penetration of Biomass in Fluidized Beds                          

12:30-14:00    Lunch break                                    

14:00-14:20    Nicolas Fintzi (IFPEN) : Averaged equations for disperse two-phase flow with non-spherical fluid inclusions                                    

14:20-14:40    Federico Baraglia (EDF) : Numerical simulation of gas-liquid-particles flows using a transport equation for the interfacial area between the fluids

14:40-15:00    Conference epilogue

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