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The CROISI'Air project, led by the Carnot IFPEN Transport Energy and winner of the AQACIA 2022 call for projects from ADEME, aims to improve air quality both on ferries and in port cities through an innovative multidisciplinary approach.

This ambitious project, shared with CorsicaLinea and AtmoSud, involves characterizing ship emissions at the source, among passengers, and among residents, using innovative measurement methods developed by IFPEN: the REAL-e onboard and connected emissions analyzer for real conditions and the autonomous mobile multigas air analysis station, Flair box.

Measurements taken at the dock, during maneuvers, and during crossings between Marseille and Corsica on two CORSICA Linea vessels will allow IFPEN to demonstrate the impact of mitigation solutions such as shore power connection, LNG fuel, and scrubber on emissions.

The results obtained will be essential for refining pollutant dispersion models proposed by ATMOSud and IFPEN, thereby allowing for better consideration of the temporal and geographical impacts of ships present in the port. Concurrently, a perception survey among passengers will be conducted, providing a comprehensive overview of impacts and an assessment of the relevance of mitigation solutions.

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Today, air quality is an issue of major concern when it comes to public health. To protect it, it is necessary to reduce emissions but also monitor global chemical changes taking place in the atmosphere. From the economic and safety points of view, it is also important to monitor industrial gas emissions. It was to tackle these different aspects that IFPEN’s researchers began developing a range of technological solutions, within the context of the Flair Suite™ project.