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Special issue: Economics and environmental assessment

François KalaydjianIn a world subject to the uncertainties of climate change and forced to rethink its energy mix in the context of a controlled energy transition, the decisions of both private players (households, businesses) and public policy-makers must be assessed in order to optimize their industrial, economic (growth, jobs, etc.) and environmental consequences.

To meet these challenges, the Economics and Technology Intelligence Division of IFP Energies nouvelles is developing an analysis of scientific, technical and economic information, combined with territorial and time-related dimensions, along with the behavioral dynamics of users. This methodology enables it to produce prospective scenarios incorporating technological and environmental regulation-related changes and to perform market research, technical and economic assessments of industrial sectors and environmental impact studies. To do this, the Economics and Technology Intelligence Division draws on expertise in the field of prospective analysis, energy sector modeling, technical and economic assessment of industrial sectors and life cycle assessment.

The articles in this issue therefore illustrate a few of these approaches and demonstrate the potential they offer.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

François Kalaydjian, Director of the Economics and Technology Intelligence Division

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