Sophie Bernardet, a PhD student at IFPEN, received a thesis innovation award from the French Chemistry Society’s Energy Inter-division. This award was given for her work on the photoconversion of CO2 using porous monoliths.

Céline Pagis, a researcher at IFPEN, received the Yves Chauvin prize and the 2019 Denise Barthomeuf award, presented by the French Zeolite Group (GFZ) for her thesis entitled “Synthesis and catalytic performance of hollow Y zeolite crystals”.

IFPEN researchers Léo Agélas and Guillaume Enchéry, along with co-authors Martin Schneider and Bernd Flemisch from the University of Stuttgart, received an award for their paper on “Convergence of nonlinear finite volume schemes for heterogeneous anisotropic diffusion on general meshes” This paper was one of the University of Stuttgart’s top ten papers of 2018.

Carole Reymond, a PhD student at IFPEN, was awarded the prize for the best flash communication at the 2019 Congrès francophone sur les Sciences séparatives et les Couplages (French-speaking Conference on Separation Science and Couplings), held in Paris. 
The communication concerned the optimization of the conditions for coupling liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC/HRMS) and their application to the analysis of a sample derived from pre-treated wheat straw. 

Olivier Said-Aizpuru, a PhD student at IFPEN, was awarded the prize for the best PhD student presentation at the 2019 FCCat (French Conference on Catalysis, Fréjus). His research concerns the integration of catalytic descriptors in kinetic models for an optimized development of new catalysts (application to dehydrocyclization / dehydrogenation of n-heptane). 

Angélique Jallais, a doctoral student at IFPEN, received the prize for the best flash presentation at the French Conference on Catalysis (FCCat) 2019 in Fréjus. This presentation focused on her thesis on the capture of arsenic upstream of gasoline hydrodesulfurization catalysts (Prime G+)

Imane Yalaoui, a PhD student at IFPEN, was awarded a Best Poster Prize at the 2019 PetroPhase conference held in Kanazawa, Japan. Her presentation concerned new insight into the wax crystallization process using NMR and X-ray scattering (SAXS-WAXS).

Cédric Bailly, doctoral researcher at IFPEN, received the best poster award at the Bathurst Meeting of Carbonate Sedimentologists 2019 held in Mallorca last July.

Eric Deville, a lecturer-researcher at IFPEN, was awarded the French Isotope Society’s 2019 prize for the best article written by a French-speaker. 

Benoît Noetinger,  IFPEN researcher, has received the Rheims Foundation’s Adrien Constantin De Magny prize at the annual awards ceremony hosted by the Académie des Sciences (French Academy of Sciences) at the Institut de France.

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