In a few words

I studied Technical Chemistry at the TU Vienne, Austria. After my graduation I moved to Twente University, Netherlands, as a PhD student. Under the supervision of Prof. Lercher, I worked on bifunctional catalysts for the conversion of n-butane to isobutene. I then joined the group of Prof. Prins at ETH Zurich, where I supervised a group of 4 to 5 PhD students and postdocs working on zeolites and mesoporous silica materials. After five years at the ETH, I was hired by IFP Energies nouvelles, in the Catalysis and Separation Division. I first worked on CO2 capture materials and processes, for six years. I then moved to the Department of Catalysis by Sulfides, where I participated in research on hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalysts. In 2018, I joined the Department of Porous Materials, where I am leading research on zeolite materials and other catalyst supports.

In addition to my R&D activity, I teach courses on Catalyst Preparation and Refining at EC Lille, on hydrotreating for IFP School, and on catalyst characterization at ETH Zurich.

I am author of 98 publications (h-factor 34), 15 patents and three book chapters.