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Minh Tuan NGUYEN

PhD. Research engineer
Minh Tuan Nguyen completed an Engineer degree from Da-Nang University of Technology (Vietnam) in 2012, and a Master of Science degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL) and IFP
Issue 51 of Science@ifpen
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SC4 - New numerical approach for the characterization of virtual porous materials

Inside porous materials, physico-chemical phenomena such as matter transport, catalytic reactions and capillary effects are strongly influenced by the geometry of the pore networks, i.e., the degree of porosity, the distribution of pore sizes and their connectivity. (....) IFPEN and Saint Gobain Research Provence decided to tackle the problem differently, by exploring a new numerical approach...
Issue 43 of Science@IFPEN
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Pretreatment and deformulation of biomass-based products

The development of production processes for fuel and platform molecules from lignocellulosic biomass requires knowledge of the chemical composition, on a molecular scale, of the various liquid products generated...
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Charles-Philippe LIENEMANN

Charles-Philippe Lienemann - Scientific Advisor at the Physics and Analysis Division
Charles-Philippe Lienemann graduated at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1993. He then joined University of Lausanne (Switzerland) within the group of D. Perret and Prof. J-C. Bünzli for his
Issue 42 of Science@IFPEN
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Multiplying analytical dimensions to identify bio-based molecules

IFPEN is actively involved in the development of innovative processes for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into bio-based fuels and molecules. However, in chemical terms, the products
Issue 41 of Science@IFPEN
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Study of packings for natural gas treatment and CO2 capture columns (HDR 2019)

Employed in certain treatment equipment, such as industrial gas purification columns, structured packings are ordered stacks of corrugated metal sheets that promote contact between the gas and a
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IFP-School Professor / PhD Chemical Engineering
Jean-Charles de Hemptinne graduated from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1985 with a Chemical Engineering degree followed by a PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT. In 2000, he defended a thesis
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Gerhard Pirngruber
Research scientist, Project Leader
I studied Technical Chemistry at the TU Vienne, Austria (1990-1995). After my graduation I moved to Twente University, Netherlands, as a PhD student (1995-1999). Under the supervision of Prof. Lercher
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Research Engineer / Project Manager
Carlos Nieto-Draghi (b. 1975) completed a Chemical Engineer degree at the Simón Bolívar University (Caracas, Venezuela) followed by a DEA and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineer and Processes at the Rovira i
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Marie MARSIGLIA (Moiré)

Researcher - PhD in Physical-Chemistry
In 2012, Marie MARISGLIA (MOIRE) obtained her Master Degree in Chemistry and the French Engineer title from ENSCR. Three years later, she became PhD in Physical Chemistry from UPMC and won IFPEN My