In a few words

Malika Boualleg joined IFP New Energy after a thesis in synthesis of materials and heterogeneous catalysis (CP2M, ex-LCOMS 2006-2009), during which she developed new syntheses of mesostructured catalysts containing metallic nanoparticles in its structure. In 2009 she started working on alumina solids, particularly for hydrotreatment and selective hydrogenations. This also led her to develop materials to selectively adsorb lithium, an essential element in the composition of fuel cells, while interfering to a minimum on the ecosystem in place, and therefore to integrate a Li extraction process in Salars from Argentina (in collaboration with Eramet). The innovation in this work was recognized, and enabled her to obtain the innovation award from the DCI (Industrial Division of French Society of Chemistry) division of the FSC in 2016.

From the end of 2015, she joined the teams developing metal-based catalysts, particularly for selective hydrogenations. She was then chosen to the position of project manager in that thermal.

The originality and innovation of all this work has resulted in the filing of more than 110 patents, the vast majority of which have been granted.

As part of this work, she had the opportunity to co-supervise more than ten interns, 8 PhDs. She also chairs the French Catalysis Studies Group (GECat, 2020-2023) which co-organizes the FCCAT (French Congress of Catalysis) international congress.

Research subjects
Innovative alumina solids synthesis for refining and petrochemicals fields
Solids synthesis for Li selective adsorption
Preparation of new metallic catalysts for selective hydrogenation
  • Development of selective Li adsorption solids with Eramet
  • Project manager in the field of selective hydrogenation (Palladium and Nickel catalysts)