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Thibaud Chevalier graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 2010 and received his PhD in mechanical engineering in 2013 on the flow of yield stress fluids in confined geometries under the guidance of Philippe Coussot at laboratory NAVIER (University Paris-Est). He then completed his academic career with two post-doctorates combining numerical simulations and experimental works on complex fluids flows in heterogeneous porous media in collaboration firstly with L. Talon (University of Paris-Sud) and secondly with A. Puisto, M. Alava (University of Aalto) and S. Santucci (ENS lyon). In 2016, he joined IFP Energies nouvelles as a research engineer in the Physics and Analysis department. Since then, he is in charge of the low field NMR and HPMI laboratories. His researches focus on porous media characterization and transport of complex fluids for new energies and chemical EOR. He is involved in supervising doctoral students (2 in progress). He is the author of 17 articles and 1 patent.

Research subjects
Characterization of multi-scale porous media by low-field NMR relaxometry
Development of NMR cryoporosimetry for the study of hydrated systems (pores: 2nm-1µm)
Development of in operando MRI for characterizing complex system and fluids
Supervision of Imane Yalaoui's thesis on multi-scale characterization and modeling of the formation of paraffinic deposits in pipelines with P. Levitz (PHENIX, Paris) and Total

Joint research laboratory (LCR) called "CARMEN" in the field of materials characterization for new energies (CNRS, ENS de Lyon, IFP Énergies nouvelles (IFPEN), Sorbonne University, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, University of Strasbourg). The aim is to improve our understanding of molecular and/or colloidal transport in complex porous substrates and to develop new methodologies for the fine analysis of these porous materials in order to support the development of innovations for energy transition.


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A Practical Methodology to Screen Oil Recovery Processes Involving Spontaneous Imbibition “ T. Chevalier, J. Labaume, A. Delbos, T. Clemens, V.M. Waeger, B. Bourbiaux, M.  Fleury    Transp Porous Med 2019, 115(1), 189









Diffusion of water in industrial cement and concrete”  M. Fleury, G. Berthe, T. Chevalier.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging  2019, 56, 32–36











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