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Physico Chemical R&D Engineer
PhD in Material Science
Claire Marlière obtained her engineering degree from ESPCI Paris in 2010 and received her PhD in Material Science with Saint-Gobain in 2013 on water transfers in porous media in presence of water
Science@ifpen n°33
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A hydro-mechanical model for underground naturally fractured rocks

Natural underground fractures in rocks provide fluids with preferential flow pathways. The resulting global permeability is exploited for energy production ( geothermal energy and oil and gas recovery
Science@ifpen n°33
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More efficient flow simulations inspired by optimal control

Multiphase mixture (gas and liquid) flow simulation in porous media has a variety of applications in the field of geosciences a but also in the fields of engineering and chemical processes . In
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Optimized placements for long lasting resources

In the face of declining oil and gas reserves, increasing the productivity of oil fields has become a technological challenge of the utmost importance. Accordingly, well positioning and trajectory are